What’s My Dream?

Sometimes, I have to sit down with myself and have a talk. It could be a short discussion about the donut I ate, or it may be a much lengthier discussion about my morals, values, and visions.  I seem to have forgotten them.

  When I was a teenager, I had so many dreams and aspirations.  I was concerned about the environment, pollution, conservation, saving the whales.  In fact, I was going to save the world one day!
Well, stuff happens, and what I ended up doing was getting married at a young age to someone I should not have, and working at a dead end job I didn’t like for most of my life.  A brief word of advice:  don’t let that happen to you.

I stopped dreaming.  I settled for less than.  I even forgot what it was I wanted out of life.  Blame could be put on any number of life circumstances that happened over the years, but the truth is I dropped the ball.  I gave up on my dreams.

How do I regain those dreams and visions I once had?  I won’t.  A lot has happened between the ages of 18 and 56.  The whales will have to have someone else help them.  My priorities have changed, and so have some of my dreams.

One dream has remained, even though I hid it in the closet for a few decades.  Writing.  Everything else has changed; my body is bigger, my mind is forgetful, my knees are bad, and my toe touching days are numbered.  But this I can do…write.

And so I shall.

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These are the ramblings of a woman determined to prove there is life after 50 for women who are unmarried, divorced, or widowed, and choose to live alone. This is my journey through life. It is filled with memories, dreams, hopes, disappointments, failures, and faith. Walk with me as I explore each day with questions and observations, remembrances and thoughts, all in a jot.

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