Maggie and Me

I would like to introduce you to my girl, Maggie May.  Maggie was approximately four years old when I adopted her.  She is now seven.  Just like the theme from the classic sit-com The Golden Girls, Maggie is my friend and confidentente.  This picture was taken a couple days after I adopted her from the Humane Society.  She had picked up kennel cough while there, and had just been spayed before I brought her home, and she wasn’t feeling great.  We’d go for a little ride and she would just stare at me with those big eyes, and I fell in love with her.

Our first few weeks together got off to a rocky start.  I soon found out why she had been picked up as a stray.  The girl could escape any crate I brought in the house, she climbed over a five foot chain link fence in the backyard, and somehow took off her collar.  My girl is an escape artist.

Measures had to be taken to prevent the girl from exploring the neighborhood while I was at work.  I have to double check my doors and windows are closed and locked, and she has a special lock for her crate.  I never leave her alone in the backyard, not even for a quick spin.  I’ve learned the hard way not to take my eyes off her.

My most memorable experience was maybe one month in to our living together and we went to the bank ATM machine.  It’s a walk-up kind, the weather was 100 degrees and bright sunshine, and I didn’t want her to get hot, so I left her in the car with the AC on.  She locked me out.  The bank was closed, my keys and cell phone in the running car, and Maggie staring out at me with her little paw on the automatic locks.  So much for me thinking I was a good mom.  Tears and sweat were running down my face and I was trying to think what in the world to do when God heard my cries and offered a solution.  Just as Maggie had locked the doors with her paws, she rolled down the window with her paw!  Yes, God does perform miracles!

Life has settled down with Maggie since then, and we have learned to live together in somewhat harmony.  I try to never take her for granted, because I know her capabilities.  She is smart, ornery, funny, and loving. She is the absolute best snuggle buddy I have ever had and loves burrowing beneath the blankets to sleep close to me.  She snores and snorts, and I don’t know what I would do without her.

Maggie is the first dog I have ever adopted from a shelter.  I would like to encourage everyone considering a pet to visit your local shelters to find that perfect companion to share your life.  If you don’t find the perfect one on the first visit, keep going back.  I believe it was my third visit before I found Maggie.  Don’t give up; it’s so important to adopt.

The most important thing I want you to know about Maggie is that while it is true I saved her life from the shelter, she has in turn saved mine.

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  1. Maggie looks really cute! Oh dear! about her locking you out of the car!! Thank heavens she was able to wind the windows down. We have a 7 month old springer spaniel who is always up to mischief. It’s hard work, but very worth it, dogs really are great companions!.

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