Ten Things I Love About Autumn

I’m looking out my office window at tall trees with a combination of green, orange, and brown leaves against the backdrop of a medium blue sky.  There are no clouds in my view.  The leaves are swaying gently with the breeze as it ruffles them, waking them up to the mid afternoon sunshine.  It’s beautiful, and I love it, but I’m not outside in it.  Oh well.

Autumn just gets my attention.  it makes me sit up and take notice at my surroundings, at the landscapes, at the reflection of leaves on lakes.  Since I’m a list maker, I’m making a list.  Ten Things I Love About Autumn:

  1. The cooler temperatures.  I could never tire of 70ish degree days and 50’s at night.  It’s fantastic weather to sleep with and to get outside to work or play, or to just have a picnic!
  2. The colors.  Autumn’s palette is amazing in its richness of reds, browns, golds, yellows, and greens.  They all combine and enhance each other in such a way that I just want to stare at it for hours.
  3. The smells.  When I think of autumn smells, I think of the inside kind.  Kitchens filled with fragrant spices baking in the oven.  Potpourris made from summer’s bounty, dried and serenading my senses as I walk by.
  4. Candles.  This is the time of year I’m most inclined to light a candle scented with fruits and spices.  I love walking into a shop that has candles burning and warm apple cider ready to pamper their clients.  I usually don’t burn candles at home, not since I caught my cat on fire.  But that’s a story for another day.  (Kitty was fine.)
  5. Country markets.  I stopped by our local market the other day.  Hundreds of mums of all colors and sizes were outside, making the parking lot a feast for the eyes.  It was so colorful and bright, there was no way I could be sad surrounded by so many lovely flowers.
  6. Pumpkins.  They decorate the markets, their deep orange color contrasting with the bright yellow mums.  They grace doorsteps and front porches, inviting everyone to come inside and have a bit of hot chocolate.
  7. Dried corn stalks.  These remind me of growing up on a farm.  The corn would dry in the fields until it was dry enough to pick.  Wind would make the stalks crackle and bend, and sometimes break.  I love seeing them gathered together as decorations in doorways and porches, with pumpkins at their feet.
  8. Saving on utility costs.  Yes, that’s the practical side of me.  On these lovely days it’s warm enough to not need heat, but cool enough to not need air conditioning.  If it doesn’t get too chilly at night, bundling up with blankets is all I need. Not only is it easier on my pocketbook, I feel like I’m doing something good for the environment by letting Mother Nature take care of the heating and cooling.
  9. Sleeping.  These cool nights help me to sleep better than I do all year.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right.
  10. Thanksgiving.  The fourth Thursday in November we give thanks for the harvest and all the blessings God has given us.  Families usually come together to have a great feast and enjoy each other’s company.  Even without a large family, there’s something special about this day and being grateful for God’s blessings and grace.

I hope your autumn is beautiful and filled with spice!  What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

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3 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About Autumn”

  1. What a lovely photo! I too love autumn, and over here in England we are getting spectacular autumn colour this year! Popping in as part of my blog commenting challenge 300 in 30 days. Found your blog via the 30 days of blogging group.

  2. This made me change my perspective of autumn as it has always been bittersweet in the past because its when my SAD kicks in. But maybe I can appreciate the season differently now. Thank you for sharing.

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