Top Ten Spa Day Movies

  When I’m having a stay-at-home Spa Day, I plan my movies in advance to watch while I’m doing my nails or have my facial mask on.

My requirements for the movies I select are that they not be too sad, no animal can be injured or die in it, it cannot be too serious, and it needs to make me laugh or feel good.  These are some I will watch over and over again:

  1. You’ve Got Mail.  Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, books, a dog named Brinckley, need I say more?
  2. While You Were Sleeping.  I love how the family of the “sleeping” guy made Sandra Bullock a part of them.  They gave her the gift of family.  Aw, shucks.
  3. Christmas Vacation.  Chevy Chase in his prime and this movie never fails to give me a chuckle and make me smile.  Doesn’t everyone have at least one Griswold in the family?
  4. Home Alone.  Boy bests the bad guys and a happy ending.  I’m a real sucker for happy endings.
  5. Chocolat.  Juliette Binoche…so beautiful.  I love the characters, Johnny Depp, and   the cinematography.
  6. Under the Tuscan Sun.  This movie makes me want to get on a plane, go to Italy, and buy a villa in Tuscany.  And I don’t fly.
  7. Pillow Talk.  Doris Day is so likeable and gave all her movies a touch of class.
  8. Grumpy Old Men.  They’re so funny and remind me of some older gentlemen I’ve known over the years.
  9. Pretty Woman.  Who wouldn’t like Richard Gere to rescue them from a life on the streets and hand over his credit card to buy clothes?
  10. An Unfinished Life.  Morgan Freeman, Robert Redford, and Jennifer Lopez.  So much talent on the screen, and the bad guy gets his just rewards in the end.

What are some of your favorite feel good movies?

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