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  We’ve all had them.  Those days, or maybe weeks, when stress just seems to clutch us in its grip.  Nothing seems to go right.  The cat coughs up a few hair balls on the new white carpet, the car’s transmission goes out, and Girl Scouts are peddaling cookies at your front door two days after you’ve started your diet.  There’s only one cure, and that’s a little cinema therapy.
What middle aged woman hasn’t wished she was in Doris Day’s position while watching Pillow Talk?  Say what you will about Rock Hudson, but the man was eye candy to even those without a sweet tooth.  And Doris’s classy style and good looks made every movie she was in seem elegant.

Watching a movie with a strong leading lady always picks me up when I’ve let myself fall.  It serves as inspiration for me to try again. And when there are several strong leading ladies, like in Steel Magnolias, I feel like I really can stand again and fight whatever battle life throws at me. 

 A mixture of comedy, drama, and chick flick all rolled into one laughable tear jerker that serves as a cure for most anything.

Diane Keaton in Baby Boom made me search for a country home in Connecticut, and you can bet I’d be taking my pets to every veterinarian in the state whether they needed a vet or not.  Just point me in the direction of a Sam Shepherd lookalike.  It wasn’t the baby that interested me, but the lifestyle after she left the city.  I wanted that lifestyle, but without the hole in the roof and dried up well.

 Movies have always seemed a bit magical to me.  A good one can transport me into that time and place.  For the time it is playing, I am in it, mingling and interacting with the characters.  Not the leading lady, but as a quiet extra in the background.

Most of my cinema therapy happens in the comfort of my own home now.  It’s nice to be able to eat popcorn and watch George Clooney while donning my softest, and most worn, Jammie’s.  Talk about therapy…George could probably cure most anything that ails me.

Only through a movie can I get a divorce, be in Tuscany, buy a villa from a hot Italian realtor, find a hot Italian lover, a hot American future lover, and a kitten in the same day.  Oh my, I’m feeling better just thinking about it! 

What kind of movies make you feel better?

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