Things my Momma Never Told Me

  So here I am at age 56.  I’m still middle aged and not over the hill yet, but no longer a spring chick.  I’ve learned a few things over the years.  Some I learned from the teachings of others, and some I learned on my own.  Some I’ve learned the hard way.

My mother and grandmother spent a lot of years showing me by example what strong women they were.  They were the strongest women I knew, for reasons I will talk about some other time.  Today, I’m just wanting to give some of you young ladies a heads up on what you might expect as you age through life’s journey.  These are things I wish I’d known that my momma never told me about:

  • There’s going to be some hard times.  There’s going to be days when you wonder how the bills will get paid, where the food’s going to come from, or how the car repair is going to get fixed.  No matter how hard you plan and try to prepare, life has a way of throwing a few curve balls you weren’t expecting.
  • Your heart will get broken over and over again.  From that first puppy love, to the last dying breath, people are going to hurt you through their words or actions.  Most won’t intentionally do it, but some will.  You will live, you will heal.  But don’t stay around people who hurt you over and over again.  You deserve better.  Let me repeat that because it is important; you deserve better.
  • At some point, you’re gonna pee your pants.  That’s right.  One day, you’re going to be laughing hysterically at a friend’s joke, and you’re gonna pee your pants.  You will get choked while eating and start coughing, and you’re gonna pee your pants.  As we age, so do our bladders.  It’s ok, you’ll get used to it.
  • After menopause, you grow a mustache.  I thought this was a joke, until I grew one.  Or you may have some chin hairs, or be lucky enough to have both a mustache and beard.  Don’t go around looking like an ape.  Buy a small eyebrow razor and shave your face.  Here’s a YouTube video telling you how.  
  • Friendships are worth more than gold.  Treasure them, nurture them, love them.  Take care of your friends, let go of the people who use and abuse you.  The latter are not your friends.
  • Laughter is the best medicine and therapy, and it’s free.  Laugh with your friends, your family, your co-workers, and your hair dresser.  Laugh until your belly hurts, and then laugh some more.  It will get you through the hard times and brighten the boring times.  
  • You’re probably going to gain some weight.  It’s another thing that happens with age.  Laugh your way through it, accept it, and love yourself, because you are beautiful no matter what size or shape you are.
  • Love more.  Love your family, friends, neighbors, and pets.  Love people, accept their differences, and embrace them.  It will make life easier.

I hope these words will help you on your journey.  Take care of each other, take care of you.

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These are the ramblings of a woman determined to prove there is life after 50 for women who are unmarried, divorced, or widowed, and choose to live alone. This is my journey through life. It is filled with memories, dreams, hopes, disappointments, failures, and faith. Walk with me as I explore each day with questions and observations, remembrances and thoughts, all in a jot.

2 thoughts on “Things my Momma Never Told Me”

  1. After menopause, you grow a mustache!! ow true! I was aghast when I started sprouting one a few months ago.I was one of the lucky few who never had to get my upper lip done and now here I am trying to bleach it 🙂 Youth turns a blind eye to all such suggestions and I guess we have to learn it the rough way ourselves.
    Very well written points Trish, I so identify with them all as i am a widow and live alone.

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