Christmas Romance

  It’s less than two months before Christmas, the temperatures are falling, with the promise of crisp nights ahead.  Decorations to adorn home, hearth, and trees are most everywhere in stores now.  Cozy flannel nightgowns and warm fluffy slippers are being taken out of storage.  Freshly laundered blankets and quilts are donning our beds.  It’s time.  Time for me to start my guilty pleasure for this time of year; reading Christmas romances.

I’m talking sweet romances that have the special touch of Christmas magic and imagery.  What woman cannot get into a story about being snowed in with a cowboy in a country cabin?  Making porridge and stew in a kettle over an open fire in the fireplace, using whatever resources they have to survive, and to stay warm.  Oh, my!

I’m not proud of this compulsion for Christmas romances.  For years, I abstained.  Some were getting a little too sexy for my taste.  I like to read about old fashioned romance, not just sex.  When a gentleman knows how to be a gentleman and still knows how to make a woman melt in his arms with his eyes, a kiss, a caress.  When the setting, circumstances, and characters are the catalysts to making the love grow like flames in the night.  That’s the kind of romance I like to read.

For me, it just adds a little bit of love to this season, even if it is fictional.  It’s a warm, comforting feeling to snuggle in bed with my dog and fluffy pillows, a cup of hot chocolate, and let myself be taken away to another place and time where love and Christmas can change a couple lives for the better. And, of course, in my fictional world, they all live happily ever after.

I will be watching on Amazon for new releases in the next month or so. Many can be downloaded for free with Amazon Kindle.  I’ve got my eye on A Cold Creek Christmas Story by RaeAnne Thayne, one of Harlequin’s Special Editions due out this month.

Do you have a book, or genre of book, you read every Christmas?

Please feel free to share.


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