My 30 Day Blogging Challenge

I did it!  I’ve posted in my blog for 30 days straight!  I have surprised myself, I must admit.  Doing anything, every day, for 30 days is not something I’m especially good at.  So I’m doing a little happy dance right about now.

I’ve learned a lot the past month.  I’ve changed my blog to a self hosting site and learned a bit about the difference.  Links have been put in my posts from time to time, and I’m still in the process of learning.  I’ve learned about having a blogging calendar… who knew?

For each of the 30 days, I received an e-mail from Sarah giving me a tip or an assignment for the day.  There hasn’t been one single day that I have not learned something new and beneficial to my blog.  In our e-mail for Day #19, Sarah told us about calls to action, which I knew nothing about.  She said, “The very least you should ask for in your call to action is a social share.”  She’s right, and I did get more people sharing once I began asking them to.  Sometimes I forget; I’m still working on improving.  As an added bonus, I’ve met some great people who have terrific blogs of their own, and who I am hoping to continue keeping in touch with.  It’s been a great adventure, and I do plan on doing it again in a few months.

For now, I’m asking myself, “What next?”  I’m new at blogging, and the 30 day challenge has gotten me started.  Now, I need to think about what I want out of my blog, where I want to go with it, how much time am I willing to devote to it, and what I hope to accomplish.

My immediate plan is to use a personal planner to keep track of my posts, titles, and ideas.  There is a handy one offered online by WordPress, but I want to be able to carry this around with me in my bag and jot down things as I think of them.  Then, I want to be able to write posts ahead a week or two and schedule when they are to be posted.  Organize.  That’s my goal right now, to organize.

Oh, and here’s one of the best parts!  After 30 days, they don’t just kick you out on your own!  I’m welcome to stay in the group, and to also become a part of another group of bloggers who have completed the challenge, the graduates.  How cool is that!

I want to thank Kevin & Sarah Arrow for allowing me to participate in this challenge, and for giving all of us the opportunity and encouragement to improve our writing and blogs.  I’m looking forward to what the future will bring in my blogging career.


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