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  I’ve tried going the high-tech route.  I’ve tried keeping my life together on my iPhone, and I just can’t keep it all together there.  There’s just something about having a pen and paper in my hand, a personal planner where I can write my ideas and thoughts.  The act of writing seems to help give me direction. Therefore, I shall write.

I researched planners for several months before deciding on a new one. There are many different ones out there, more than I could possibly look through. But I had some idea of what I wanted included in it, and what I didn’t. That would be your first step when selecting a planner. Make a list of items or type of layout you would prefer to have so you will have a starting point. Do you want a loose-leaf binder system? Wire-bound? Monthly, weekly, or daily pages? Would bright colors stimulate your creativity, or would basic black be more your style?  Do you want it to express your individuality, or do you want it to say you’re all business?

The planner I chose came from They take you through steps to create it online with the features you want. There are four different sizes of planners you can select. There are several color choices and designs for the cover, or you can upload one of your own pictures. You can personalize the cover with your name, or even a quote or phrase. I chose my name and 2016.

There are clear plastic covers to protect both the front and back. It comes with an elastic band, in a choice of colors, to hold it together. There is also a plastic ruler page marker and a clear top loading plastic pouch you can insert wherever you wish. I placed mine in the back of the planner.

The inside front cover has the story of how this company got started. It’s a pretty neat story, you should read it.

  I chose to have my first page be my contact information. If I should happen to lose my planner, the finder can contact me by phone or e-mail.

You can have your calendar begin on whatever month you choose. I chose January-December, but you could also select July-June.

There is a 2-page monthly calendar at the beginning of each month. There are options for font colors, top of page, etc.

  The weekly calendar is a 2-page spread. This area can be personalized in several different ways. The days can be vertical or horizontal. They can be lined, unlined, or striped (shaded). Again, several options.

I chose my writing space top half unlined and bottom half lined. The top half will be used to keep track of my blogging schedule, titles, notes, and ideas. The bottom half is where I will keep my personal notes and schedules. I like the flexibility and ease of having it all in one planner.

I also chose to have a small table of the weather conditions for each day. For my line of work, the weather doesn’t matter, but I just like to make note of it to look back on later. There is also a small box dedicated to writing in the amount of hours I have worked or spent on a project.

The very bottom of the pages has more areas that can be personalized for different uses. I chose a To-Do List area where I will be able to check off tasks as I start and complete them, a blank area, an Idea & Goals area, and a small calendar of the present month. This is just another great way to utilize every inch of the planner.

  Immediately following the weekly pages, there is an optional monthly overview for both 2016 and 2017. This is ideal for those of us who like to plan ahead.

Following the Overview pages, you have several more options. I chose to have several lined pages in case I should encounter a brain storm or need to jot down telephone numbers and addresses. A couple fun options they have is Sudoku and coloring pages! I can see these being used to relieve stress or boredom throughout the day.

I’m really looking forward to using this planner.  I think (subject to change without notice) that it has everything I need in it.  Space for thoughts, schedules, ideas, and actions.  This planner regularly sells for $39.95, I received a 15% discount and paid $33.95 for it.  Was it worth it?  Yes, I think it was.  There are a lot of other planners on the market that cost a lot more, especially those that can be customized.  And you all know how I love getting my money’s worth!

What kind of planner or planning system do you use?

Please feel free to share.


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  1. I loved this post, and this is such an amazing idea!
    I’m like you and I much prefer having a planner or notebook to jot stuff down in, which is why I usually carry a pen and notebook around with me. I might have to order myself one of these before the end of the year, as I love the idea of having a personalised planner which is personal to me too 🙂

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