Courage to be You

I’ve been writing in journals for several years.  It has been very therapeutic, and it has given me pleasure writing.  Occasionally, I would glue something special about a day onto the page, like a movie ticket or restaurant receipt.  But once in a while, I’ve wanted to draw something to go along with my writing, and I couldn’t.  I had never drawn anything, nor taken any art classes.  My hand simply could not draw.

This year, I decided I wanted to draw enough to be able to use in my journals.  I watched YouTube videos, read books on how to draw, and even took a beginner’s drawing class at the local art center.

  Every day I would practice drawing something, even if it was just a doodle on a scrap piece of paper.  I was determined.  Slowly, images took shape.
  I began playing with colored pencils, water color pens, and all sorts of inks.  I made art journals by combining thoughts I had written or scriptures and pictures.  Sometimes I thought they looked childish, as though a five year old had made them, but that was still ok with me.  It was a start and I was learning something new.
  In the process, I discovered I loved drawing angels and flowers the most.  Nothing was ever perfect, but I loved the process.  It became a way of finding peace at the end of the day.
  And I learned that I was still able to learn.  My mind was still eager to find something new to be passionate about.  Each day brought new experience and color into my life.  A new way of expressing what I wanted to say. It was a tremendous blessing God had given me, to know beauty could be found in imperfection.  
  Have the courage to explore God’s gifts.  Explore something new and embark on a wondrous journey of discovering that maybe, just maybe, you can do what you thought you could not.  Have the courage to be YOU.


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These are the ramblings of a woman determined to prove there is life after 50 for women who are unmarried, divorced, or widowed, and choose to live alone. This is my journey through life. It is filled with memories, dreams, hopes, disappointments, failures, and faith. Walk with me as I explore each day with questions and observations, remembrances and thoughts, all in a jot.