A Word About Domestic Violence

148521_625465040810847_1969821255_nLadies, ’tis the season for shopping, decorating, family gatherings, and Yuletide carols.  All the joy and festivities bring memories and laughter to many and their families.  

But let’s not forget this season can also be stressful for some.  There may be money worries, family issues.  There may be more alcohol and drug consumption.  There may be more pain and abuse in an already turbulent relationship.

If you know of a man or woman already in an abusive relationship, check more often they are ok.  Encourage them to seek help to get out of the situation.  Be that listening ear if they want to talk.

If you are the one being abused in a relationship right now, my heart goes out to you.  Know that there is help.  Call your local police department or local domestic violence hotline for advice on what to do and ways they can help you.  You do NOT have to be a victim.  There is a whole new life waiting for you, if you will just take that first step to get help.

Maybe you’re in a relationship where you have some hesitation, wondering if his behaviors show signs that he may become abusive.  There is a very good list of signs someone may become a batterer at .http://www.angeresources.com/warningsigns.  Be familiar with these signs.  Your life may depend upon knowing them.

My prayer today is for all men and women who find themselves in a domestic violence situation.  Please don’t be a victim.  Seek help.  

God Bless

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