Why I’m Voting for Hillary

Politics has always been a touchy subject for most of us.  This Presidential election, it’s even more so.  I’ve never heard so many people say, “I’m not going to vote this year,” or “I hate both of them.  They’re both liars.”  The problem, or one of the problems, is that if we do not vote, we’re contributing to the downfall of democracy as we know it.  We have opinions and they need to be heard.  I’m no expert in politics and I was never a good student in history or government.  Fortunately, those are not qualifications to vote or very few of our country’s population would be able to head out to the polls in November.

I’ve made my decision.  I’ve watched several debates and did a lot of reading to help make an informed decision.  Of course, I have always felt that presidential elections are a real shot in the dark…sometimes you hit the mark and sometimes you don’t.  So here are a few of my top reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States:

  1. I’m not stupid.
  2. She has been in politics and service for decades.
  3. She cares for the issues that concern women and children.
  4. She supports improved health care for all.
  5. She has, and will, worked for improving education and the affordability of it.
  6. Education is of key importance.  The number of people supporting Trump in this election makes that painfully clear.
  7. Service.  She actually knows what it means to serve the people who have elected her.
  8. Not only has she already been in the White House serving as our First Lady, she has served as Secretary of State and has gained years of knowledge about what it entails to be Commander in Chief of our country.
  9. We already have a great country.  I feel her leadership will continue to improve it.
  10. She handles herself well under pressure.
  11. She freely disclosed her health records and income tax records as was required of her.
  12. She didn’t kill Bill when he was making a mockery of their marriage with his indiscretions.  I think that proves she has tremendous self control.
  13. The very quirks of her personality that people criticize…her unapproachability, coolness…are characteristics I feel will actually help her as President.  And they wouldn’t even be discussed if she were a man.
  14. I believe her to have strength of character and determination.
  15. To be quite frank, the woman has balls.  She will be able to hold her own against adversaries.
  16. Do I believe she is always truthful?  See No. 1.
  17. She encourages equality, compassion, and fairness.
  18. She has learned the proper protocol for sending e-mails.
  19. She sets a good example for young women in that working hard, being confident, and well educated will help them achieve their dreams in life.
  20. I want Hillary to prove that a woman can serve and lead this country as well as, if not better than, a man.

So there you have it; those are my reasons.  Agree or disagree, it’s your choice.  But whatever you do, vote this November, no matter who it’s for.  Exercise the right that men and women have died for so that we can have it.  Vote.

Soon to come on the blog, my reasons for not voting for Donald Trump.
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2 thoughts on “Why I’m Voting for Hillary”

  1. I have to admit confusion as to why the media are giving Trump an easy time for not paying his contractors etc. I do feel that Hillary is everything a woman could be and more given the political system that you have. We might not “like” her (actually for the record, the grace and dignity she handled Bill makes me love her) but she’s not doing anything wrong, yet she’s getting abused publicly by Trump who breaks the law and yet he does no wrong…

    1. I totally agree, Sarah. I thought Trump running was a huge joke. When I see how many people in our country support him, I am embarrassed, shocked, and confused. In my eyes, there is only one choice in this election.

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