My Thankfulness

Today is Thanksgiving Day, the day of family feasts, gatherings, parades, and the eve of Black Friday, our country’s biggest shopping day of the year. It marks the kickoff of holiday shopping frenzy in every store. Sales upon sales, coupons, rebates, incentives for all of us to buy more and more. Promotions for credit cards; don’t have the money? Just charge it! And so it begins.
With all the festivities and celebrations taking place, it can be easy to overlook something important about this day, and that is about being “thankful.” I like to take a few minutes every year and remember all I’m thankful for. It helps me keep life in perspective amidst all the spending and overindulgences. Today, I am thankful for…
I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the new life he has given me.

I am thankful for my job at church and feel it was the job I’ve waited for my entire life.

I am thankful for the hope of new career choices in the upcoming months, following a lifelong dream.

I am thankful for old and new friends and my sisters in Christ.

I am thankful my family is well and/or recovering nicely, and that communication is open where it once was not.

I am thankful for no longer wearing wigs, and for my hair stylist.

I am thankful that gray hair is an “in” thing right now, and that I wouldn’t even care if it wasn’t.

I am thankful for my fur children and that one of them is snuggled up close beside me snoring as I write this.

I am thankful that with all the e-mails, ads, and incentives to buy things right now, I’m finding I don’t want a thing.

I am thankful for the country’s leadership of President Obama the past eight years and wish him even more success in the future.

I am thankful for shoes on my feet and clothing for my body, for warm winter coats and gloves for my hands.

I am thankful for food to nourish my body.

I am thankful that as each year goes by, I care less about what others think of me.

I am thankful for the technology that allows me to write this on my phone, communicate on my phone, play games, do my shopping, read a book, look up a definition, take pictures, watch videos, awake to an alarm, and keep track of minutes and days, all on my phone. This is something I would have never dreamed I could do thirty years ago.

I am thankful for kind words and warm smiles.

I am thankful for nature’s changing colors throughout the year.

I am thankful for first responders, 911 operators, and volunteers who make us safer.

I am thankful for those who see pain in someone’s eyes and offer a hug instead of condemnation.

I am thankful for those who generously give to local food banks and thrift stores because they genuinely care about feeding and clothing the hungry and cold.

I am thankful for churches who welcome in everyone with open arms and the love of Christ without judgment.

I am thankful for the men and women serving our country in armed forces.

I am thankful for seeing the brightest stars during the darkest nights.

I am thankful for pumpkin pie.

I am thankful for parents who have raised their children to show respect, to say please, thank you, and you’re welcome.

I am thankful for all people who lovingly adopt or foster pets from shelters. All fur lives matter.

I am thankful for hope, and for God’s Word that continuously replenishes that hope.

I am thankful for people who respect boundaries, both at work and home, who respect my work hours and my time.

I am thankful for the rainy days, whose darkness prepares me for the sunshine ahead.

I am thankful for people who make me laugh.

I am thankful for men who still open doors for ladies…all ladies, young or old, fat or skinny, no matter how unique.

What are you thankful for today?

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