Review of Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

 I’m no beauty guru, but I do like and buy makeup.  I’m middle-aged, so I don’t gravitate toward some of the younger brands.  Recently, I had a couple great coupons for this mascara by Maybelline, one of my favorite mascara brands, and used them on a deal at CVS.  I’ve worn it for three days and here are some of my thoughts on it.

  • The name of it is way too long. Perhaps that’s rather picky of me, but with a name this long, I’ll never remember it.
  • I like the packaging.  It has a unique, fresh look about it.
  • It has a rubber brush, like many do. 
  • The formula is pretty wet, so if you prefer a dry formula, don’t buy this one.
  • The brush is supposed to scoop and lift lashes, which I thought it did an ok job of doing that.
  • It says on the back “New creamy plumping formula delivers instant volume and holds lift in place.”  I thought it did ok with that, too.
  • This is how it looked on the left eye in the picture after one coat.
  • I thought it did a great job of lengthening and a moderate job of thickening.
  • A couple hours later, I looked in the mirror and had a moderate amount of smudges of mascara under my eyes.  This occurred all three days I wore it.
  • My lashes did stay lifted.  I liked the “spidery” look it gave them.  I do think more than one coat would have been too much for me.
  • Overall, I liked the look and length it gave my lashes.  I would have preferred a little dryer formula.  I didn’t like the smudges.  I will continue to use this mascara until it runs out or I need to throw it away, but I won’t repurchase it.  I still prefer the Maybelline Rocket mascara.

Dressing for Walmart

Ladies, no matter what your socio-economic background is, your ethniticity, your sexual preference, or your budget, there are a few guidelines that should be followed before heading out to the local Walmart for a shopping expedition. This is for all hours of the day or night, in all weather, at all times. Walmart may not enforce a dress code, but there is an unwritten dress code that I’m now going to share with you in writing.

  • Leave your pajamas at home.  No one wants to see what you sleep in, no one cares. Care enough about yourself to put some clothes on.
  • Clean yourself up.  Use a little soap and water and get to scrubbing all areas of your body, seen and unseen.  No one wants to smell your musty old body odor, either.
  • Cover yourself up, girl!  It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or color you are; cover it up!  There should be no nipples showing through or hanging out of a halter top.  Make sure your clothing is large enough to cover all cracks, folds, humps, and bumps.  No one wants to see your butt cheeks.  No one wants to see that fine looking butt crack tattoo.  Cover it up.
  • Wear shoes.  This is for your own safety, too.  We don’t want you to injure yourself, and we don’t want anyone to have to witness your dirty feet.  Flip flops are fine as long as your little tootsies are clean.
  • Brush or comb your hair.  Don’t let people see how lazy you are. And I can guarantee you will feel a little bit better about yourself if you do.
  • Take the curlers out of your hair before you leave the house.  Not only does it look cheap and tacky to be out shopping in them, it’s just a dumb thing to do.  Have some pride in yourself, for gosh sakes.
  • Use a little deodorant in those armpits.  No one wants to smell those sour pits.
  • If there’s any kind of larvae or big or small creatures crawling on your scalp, stay home.  Keep those things to yourself.  Have someone else do your shopping for you and to pick something up to kill those things.  Call your doctor if a prescription is required.

Well, those are the basic guidelines for shopping at Walmart or anywhere else.  I know it may seem like a lot to take care of, if you haven’t been.  But it gets easier with practice.  Take care of yourself.  It’s the right thing to do.

Please share this post with your friends or anyone who may benefit from learning the dress code.

Wig Woman

 In my late 20’s, I began losing my hair.  After seeing multiple dermatologists, they all determined it was hereditary female hair loss. So, I had an answer as to why I was losing my hair, and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.Years went by and slowly, my hair became thinner and thinner, to the point I was embarrassed to go out in public.  I considered hair transplants, minoxidil, and various other concoctions that claimed to regrow my hair, make me look younger, and have handsome men swooning all over me.  On my 50th birthday, I wore my first wig.

I remember walking into a restaurant that day feeling very self conscious.  Too embarrassed to go to a local shop that sold wigs, I had ordered one from an Internet website.  I wasn’t even sure I had it on right, and thought everyone was staring at me.  On the way home, I cried.

A man can lose his hair, shave it off, and still look fantastic.  A bald woman…not so much.  Add to that being a larger size woman, and bald just wasn’t going to be the image I was going for.  I wanted hair.

I ordered a couple more wigs in different styles and colors.  They were more comfortable and looked better on me.  OK, maybe I could do this.  Maybe I could wear hair after all.

A dozen wigs later from the Internet, I finally worked up the nerve to visit a wig shop.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  There was a private area with mirrors, brushes, and pics where I could try on the wigs.  The lady helping me was very kind and compassionate, which resulted in a sales of two wigs for me.

It’s been six years now and I’ve probably purchased about twenty wigs in various colors and styles.  Some I don’t wear because they are not as comfortable or I just got tired of them.  A couple have fallen apart.  I’ve learned what brands I prefer.  Eva Gabor and Raquel Welch have been my two favorite brands so far.

I’m more aware of what styles and nape lengths suit me better.  It’s been trial and error for the most part.  Most of my wigs are comfortable and can be worn all day with no problem.  But one of first things I do when I get home is take off my hair.

For myself, it was VERY traumatic to lose my hair.  It contributed to depression and low self-esteem.  Many times I have opted to stay at home rather than go to social functions because I didn’t want people to see my pink scalp glowing beneath my sparse hair.  I’ve gotten mad, I’ve cried, and I’ve asked God why I had to lose my hair.

While having my natural hair would be a certain blessing, there are a few advantages to wearing wigs.  I can have a different hair style every day, if I want.  It’s fun to be able to go from brunette to blonde in just a few seconds.  There’s no lengthy style time of a morning; they’re quick to get me out the door.  I shave my head now, so there’s also no lengthy hair washing and conditioning.  I towel off my head and I’m ready for my wig.

I’ve adjusted somewhat to my hair loss.  I can talk about it now.  I no longer care if people know I wear wigs.  When someone compliments me on my hair, I just say thank you and leave it at that.  But probably the nicest compliment is when I tell someone I’m wearing a wig and they look shocked because they couldn’t tell.  That is definitely a feel good moment.