Beauty in my Eyes

We all have our own ideas of beauty.  What catches your eye may slip right by mine.  How do I define beauty?  I’m not exactly sure.  I know it when I see it, though.

12994311_1040268042676959_7205009825890081950_nPlanners and notebooks in both bright colors and basic black catch my eyes.  Throw in a pretty, comfortable writing instrument and I am in my element, floating high on a writer’s cloud.  It’s just paper, you might be thinking.  Oh no!  It’s not just paper!  It is the recipient of my thoughts and dreams.  It is the listening ear of my troubles and sorrows.  It rejoices with me when I share joys of the days or conversations with friends.  It is my traveling companion and my confidante on sleepless nights.  These notebooks have a heartbeat of their own, in my eyes.

No, I cannot really define my idea of beauty, but I can tell you my friends are beautiful.  All of them.  Each one in 303233_2397092091761_1825382099_ntheir own special and unique way.  Take my friend, Piccadilly the Clown.  Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous!  But be assured there is much more than what catches the eyes.  Her beauty runs deep, shares laughter, instigates smiles, and warms hearts with her love of people and God.  She is generous.  She shares of herself and expects nothing in return and that, my friends, is beautiful.

12987067_1040266269343803_264469149487097492_nMakeup is beautiful.  Oh my gosh, the colors are all over the place!  Put a pretty lipstick and blush in a bright, shiny makeup bag and I’m ready to step out the door into the light.  Some black mascara on the eyelashes frames the soulful eyes of a woman, and can brighten the sad eyes that cried the night before.  Strategically placed color on a woman’s face can change her mood from “all hope is gone” to “I can face anything!”  A little lipstick on these pale lips can mean the difference from someone telling me I look sick all day, to telling me I look like I feel better.  Oh yes, makeup is beautiful.

Have you ever sat down to eat feeling ravenous, looked at 13001267_1040268329343597_7368945132206482458_nyour food, and then all of a sudden lost your appetite?  I love salads, but if they look a mess with everything just thrown in with no thought, I don’t love them so much.  But I LOVE a pretty salad!  I love pretty food!  With each topping in its own special place on top of that lettuce, it’s a beautiful thing.  The mixture of colors, textures, and tastes can make the difference between just eating and really enjoying my food.  And let’s face it, we have to eat.  We might as well eat for the joy and beauty of it!

Certain colors are sure to catch my eyes.  Pinks and purples will snatch their attention every time.  I love bright colors in the Spring and Summer.  They make me feel happy and full of hope.  The days go smoother when there is a joyful color in them.  12990889_1038006399569790_3297011779775416156_nAnd if that joyful color happens to be on my handbag, I am one joyful woman.  A handbag is useful, yes.  It can be a workhorse, an accessory, a compliment to a pair of shoes.  But add a splash of color to it and it becomes a work of art.  Magenta.  I waited weeks for this color handbag to arrive.  It’s so beautiful I’m almost afraid to pack it with me fearing that something might happen to it, that it will become covered in grease or tomato sauce or stolen by an art thief.  But as I said, almost.  It will not be nearly as beautiful sitting on a shelf in my closet, or housed in a dust bag.  To really enjoy it, it needs to be close by, in my hands where I can touch it, and let it carry that beautiful purple cosmetic bag full of pretty makeup.  It all goes together.  Beauty builds upon beauty.  It all has its’ place.

Of all the beauty in all the world, there’s nothing more beautiful to me than my fur Maggie3family.  Maggie is beauty in my eyes.  She is warm, wiggly, sassy, and smart.  She lives and breathes beauty around me.  She is full of love and spunk and occasional treats.  Her ears have been torn and have ragged edges, but that just adds to her character and charm.  She snorts and snores and reminds me in the night that I am not alone.  She adopted me and saved my life.  There is nothing more beautiful in my eyes.

What is beauty in your eyes?  Take time today to look around you.  There is beauty in the everyday.  There is beauty in our chores and in our play times.  God has created beauty all around us, if we will only take a few moments to see it.


Just Ducky

Well, I’ve shared how I save money at the drugstore with my Living Like a Princess on a Cinderella Budget.  Now, I will share with you my guilty splurges.

 Check out the duck.  I’m a Dooney & Bourke handbag lover.  I haven’t always been.  In fact, ten years ago I thought they were all ugly.  The reason for this is that a coworker would carry some handbags to work with her in what I thought were ugly colors and plaids, and they were all Dooneys.
At some point after I retired, I was searching for handbags online, stumbled upon the Dooney website, and discovered they weren’t all ugly.  Go figure!  In fact, I was so attracted to one, I ordered it.  It arrived, and I discovered the quality made handbag that makes a Dooney so special.  They are made to last.  They are made to be stylish and work for you.

The green one in the picture is a shopper made out of nylon.  Nylon is the most budget friendly material they produce their bags with, but let me tell you about this nylon.  It is sturdy, very sturdy.  It feels almost like a twill in texture.  The seams are stitched well with a heavy thread to hold up to whatever I can load this baby up with, which is usually a lot.  The leather handles have a very attractive braid toward the bottom, and they are thick, reminding me of tack leather used for bridles and halters.

I have two of these shopper nylon bags; one in hot pink that I carried all summer, and this one in a hunter green, but I don’t think that’s what they called it.  I plan on carrying this one until spring.  They regularly sell for $139, but I purchased them on sale for about $100 each.

These bags are truly workhorses.  They are light when empty, hold a lot, and have one zippered side pocket, and a cell phone pocket.  There’s also a handy key hook to hook onto your key ring so it doesn’t get lost.  I have used these bags as overnight bags and as my daily carrying bag.  There’s plenty of room for my wallet, makeup, diabetes supplies, cell phone, and flashlight.  I’ve even added a change of clothes a couple of times.

My other splurge is nail polish.  I’ve really cut back a lot on purchasing it.  Zoya had a BOGO special a few weeks ago, so I purchased three and got three free.  I’m wearing “Storm” on my nails right now.  I don’t usually go for the glitter, but I thought this was so pretty mixed in the black, like stardust.   All the Zoya polishes I have used have had smooth formulas that go on well.  With the base and top coat I use, I normally get a week’s worth of wear, at least.

 Do you have any guilty splurges?

Please feel free to share.