Living Like a Princess on a Cinderella Budget – Part 2

Today is Part 2 of my Living Like a Princess on a Cinderella Budget.

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to receive in my CVS app, $10 in Beauty Bucks.  I had expected to get $5, but it seems I had purchased enough beauty products to get $10.  (I love nice surprises like that!)  I had $5 in Extra Care Bucks in my wallet that I received Tuesday on my last shopping trip to CVS.  So, with a total of $15 in Extra Bucks, I went shopping today for laundry detergent.

The deal on Tide was purchase three 37oz. bottles at $5.94 each, and receive $5 back in Extra Care Bucks.   ALL laundry detergent was on sale $3.99 for a 32oz. bottle.  The total before coupons was $21.81 before tax.

I had two $2 off Tide manufacturers coupons, one $1 off Tide, and one $1 off ALL.   I used those coupons, along with the $15 in Extra Bucks I had, bringing my total out of pocket cost, including tax, to $2.64.  And I received $5 in Extra Bucks back to use on a future purchase.

It’s days like this that put me on a coupon high!

My $5 Extra Bucks I received back expires on December 5th, so I will need to use it before then.

I’m pretty well stocked right now with most personal necessities that I need.  But it’s that time of year that I also coupon to make up gift baskets for Christmas.  I will coupon to get good deals on items, like toothpaste, dental floss, toothbrushes, lotions, body washes, shampoos, etc., and give them in a basket to a family who could use them.  Most often, I do this through church.  I’ve already got a head start on a gift basket, but I will keep watching the sales flyers each week to see what items I have coupons for and whether they will match up with a sale.  If nothing matches up, or if it comes out to more than I want to spend, I won’t buy it.  In the past, CVS has had some really good sales starting with the day after Thanksgiving and running up until Christmas.

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Living Like a Princess on a Cinderella Budget – Part 1

I’m semi-retired, work part-time at my church, have a fixed income, and love couponing and getting a bargain.

When I can save a lot of money on my personal items, like oral hygiene products, facial moisturizers, body wash, etc., it frees up money for those items I want to splurge on, like the Estée Lauder makeup set I recently purchased.  The place I like to coupon the most at is our local CVS Pharmacy.  In addition to being able to use manufacturer’s coupons on name brand items, they also run deals where they will give me back coupons, called Extra Bucks Rewards, that I can spend in their store like cash on future purchases.

To get the lowest out of pocket cost, I match up sales and coupons.  This system works well as long as I don’t purchase items I have no need for just because they are on sale, and I don’t.

I haven’t been in CVS for a while, so I did not have any Extra Bucks to help with my first purchase.  This made my out of pocket cost higher than I like, but I had to start somewhere.  I didn’t do great today, but I consider any savings to be good.

I made my purchases in two transactions so I could use the Extra Bucks from the first transaction on the second one.

First transaction:

2 Maybelline the Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara @ $9.49 each.

1 L’Oreal Visible Lift foundation @ $14.99.

I had two $3 off coupons on the Maybelline mascara, and the CVS deal was buy 2 and get $5.00 back in Extra Bucks.  The L’Oreal deal was spend 12 and get $4 back in Extra Bucks.

My out of pocket cost for this transaction was $30.44, including tax, and I got back $9 in Extra Bucks.
Second Transaction:

Two packages Olay wet facial cloths on sale 2/$8.00.

Two cans Campbell’s Chunky Soup on sale for .77 each.

Two Softsoap body washes on sale for buy one get one free @ $4.99 each.

Two GoldBond lotions at $7.79 and $10.79.  The deal was buy $15 of GoldBond and get $5 back.

I used two manufacture coupons for $1 off the Olay cloths, and the $9 in Extra Bucks from my first transaction, making my total out of pocket $25.86, including tax.  I got back $5 in Extra Bucks from the GoldBond deal to use next shopping trip.

CVS also has a Beauty Club where I can spend $50 in beauty products and they will put $5 Beauty Bucks on my card in a couple days that I can use later.

My total spent out of pocket today was $56.30.  I budget myself $50 per month for CVS shopping, but since I went two months without spending anything there, I’m still within my budget.
This is like a game I love to play.  I get a high on saving money on necessities!  I’m already planning my next shopping trip after I get my Beauty Bucks in a couple days and will then have $10 in Bucks to spend.

I will post my next shopping trip toward the end of the week.

What ways do you save money on your necessities?  How do you live like a Princess on a Cinderella budget?

Please feel free to share.