RainWhat can I say about rain that hasn’t already been said?  Yet, I feel impelled to try to explain all that I know about rain on this day, at this moment.

Rain can bring darkness to the day, with a sense of calm in that darkness unlike any other.  It is peaceful.  The calm, steady rain soothes all that is bothering my soul.  It feels like God is sprinkling me with His peace.  Listening to the light pattering of raindrops on the roof, the steady pounding of water on solid ground, the drizzle of water cascading down a windshield, outside the window.  They all soothe and caress my emotions into something more fluid, more bending with life.  There is no more rebelliousness against what is good.  I can go with the flow of the rain and know that it will all turn out OK and tomorrow will be another day of surprises, and that’s OK, too.

Cold rain on my skin wakes up every nerve in my body.  Sending a direct jolt of life to my brain, it is like an electrical current turning on my thoughts.  Hello, Day!  How are you?  I am awake now!  Let’s do something crazy and joyful!  Let’s create the perfect plan to turn my life into the life I want to live today.  Let’s take at least one step toward that change, that change that will give me a future worth living in the rain!

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.   Langston Hughes

Even as a child, I can recall rainy Sunday afternoons in the summer when I would stretch out on my Flower Garden quilt covered bed with my Barbie doll and all her outfits, dressing her up to live an adventurous life of work, play, and sleep, all while listening to the rain falling with determination outside the open, screened window.  My imagination seemed to go to more places, further places, than it could without the rain.  The rain mattered.  It was nourishment to a young mind.  And it made me feel less lonely.

The rain today made me yearn to write.  I couldn’t wait to finish up what I was doing so that I could take a few minutes to put thoughts into a visual.  Rain does that to me.  It makes me eager to do things I love, and to feel more love in my heart.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because of its soothing sound, or what it means to me, but it does.  I’ve learned at this stage in life not always to question why, but to just enjoy the process and be glad for its presence.

Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.   John Updike

When the fall of night brings quiet rain, it is a comfort.  Sleep is brought on by its’ calmness, by its’ very voice of a flowing lullaby.  Imagine a child wrapped in a soft, warm blanket, being held by the gentle arms of a loving mother and rocked to sleep.  That is how the night rain feels to me.  I am the babe being lulled to sleep by God’s tender touch of nature.

How does rain make you feel?  Does it calm you, or cause you angst?  If it is the latter, I challenge you to take a few moments to listen the next time it rains.  Listen, and feel.