How Disposable Am I?

It’s no secret we live in a disposable world.  There’s not much we cannot replace with something newer and better.  Disposable plates, napkins, utensils, serving trays, and cups are used every day. Disposable diapers, bottles, gloves, and hygiene items are made by the millions.  Cheaply made cars built only to last a few years have been experimented with, remember the Yugo?  I have to ask myself, in such a disposable world, how disposable am I?

Early on in life, we learn that pretty much everything can be replaced.  A broken doll, a rusty bicycle, tattered socks.  Sometimes it hurt to lose the original item, but that pain was soon erased by the excitement of a newer one, maybe even a little fancier.  But then, we learn that friends can also be replaced.  Your best friend in first grade moves across the country, never to be seen again.  Then a new kid moves to town and the old friend’s memories begin to fade.  The dog you grew up with ages and dies, leaving a world of hurt and emptiness, but your parents say not to worry, they will replace the old Fido with a new puppy.  And they do, and soon the pain begins to lessen as the bond between you and puppy grows.

As a teenager, a boyfriend replaced me with someone who would have sex with him.  As a wife, I was replaced with someone skinnier and blonde.  

A few years ago, my boss told me that I could always be replaced in my job.  He was right, but I wanted to think I offered something special as an employee that no one else did.  I felt valuable, even if I wasn’t.  I didn’t like to think I was that disposable.

How many husbands and wives have you known that were replaced through divorce?  How many foster kids have gotten shuffled from family to family?  How many pets are in animal shelters because their owners thought a different pet would suit them better?   How many employees have quit their jobs in pursuit of one better?  How many employers have fired employees in the pursuit of one better?

I know I am disposable.  I know every day I go to work that I can be fired on a whim just because someone doesn’t like me, or they don’t like the disorganization of my desk, or the Christmas tree in my office.  I know I can be replaced in every Committee or team that I serve.  I know there is no one standing in the sidelines waiting to rescue me or to stand up for me.  I can be replaced in a heartbeat, and it feels kind of lonely.

I’d like to think my pets would miss me.  But the truth is, they would probably only miss me for a while, until someone else took over my roll as parent and caregiver and friend.  There is no “significant other” in my life who would miss me or feel I could not be replaced.  There is no family who would miss seeing me.  There is no need to replace someone who is already missing.

I cannot say I like knowing just how replaceable I am.  But in truth, I’ve done nothing in my life to make myself irreplaceable.  I’ve done nothing extraordinary.  Nothing unique.  I’m not lovable. I’m not beautiful, to be admired.  I’ve not devoted the time to cultivate relationships to a deeper level, always distancing myself before that closer bond develops.  Yes, I am replaceable.

And yet….as replaceable as I am in this world, I know I am worthy of God’s love and grace.  I know that Jesus died on that cross to save me from my sins.  And I know God will never leave me nor foresake me.  His love makes me feel valuable, worthy, and a little less disposable.  

May God’s undying love for you make you feel worthy and unique.

Take care of you….


Adopt a Valentine


This is the day of Valentine’s, sweet love notes, heart shaped boxes of candy, and red roses galore. Lover’s meet in restaurants for dinner of candlelight and holding hands and steaming entrees of whatever is good to the palate. For the more romantic and adventuress, a poetic verse may be recited and followed with a lingering kiss and caress. How sweet.

You can keep your candy and flowers and sweet caress, I prefer the kind of unconditional love I receive every day of the year with my girl, Maggie. She expects nothing in return, no demands, no services rendered. She loves me because that’s what she does, and I love and adore her to the moon and back.
Here’s to all the single guys and gals who do not have a significant other to come knocking with the perfect sappy Valentine card and have been sitting at home sad and depressed over this seemingly hopeless situation…adopt!! Get your sad self down to the nearest animal shelter and find the newest love of your life that will last furever and forever, Amen.
Dog, cat, it doesn’t matter! They both have more love inside to give you than you could ever imagine. You can hang around your house or apartment in your old ratty robe or your most comfortable sweats; they don’t care. All they want is your love, attention, care, food, and water. Makeup…they don’t care. Shaved or unshaved…they don’t care. They just want your presence!


Maggie and Jonnie Katt have been my saving grace. My family, the loves of my life, my best friends. They don’t judge, they don’t yell, but they do occasionally take the remote. You can work with that.
Don’t wait for the Princess or the Knight in shining armor to arrive. Adopt a pet and your life will be filled with more love than you can possibly imagine.