12 Pet Peeves

Wikipedia’s description of a pet peeve is:  A pet peeve or pet hate is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to himself, to a greater degree than others may find.

  We’ve all got them, some more than others.  Those annoying little habits or actions that absolutely make us want to tear our hair out.  They make our blood pressure rise and our heart rhythm falter.

A friend described a few of his to me tonight.  I told him I was having trouble deciding on what to write for my blog.   It didn’t hit me until about 15 minutes later…hey!  I can jot down some of my pet peeves!  (Thank you for being my inspiration tonight, Chuck). You may even share some of these.

  • Drivers who drive way too close to my bumper.  This does not make me drive faster.  It does, in fact, make me drive slower.  It’s a bit of passive aggressiveness in me.
  • People who have no respect for my work space at work.  If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.  If you do touch it, put it back the way you found it.  Wipe away all fingerprints or I will hunt you down like a hound after a fox.
  • People who stare at me in public places.  I do realize many cannot handle my size of awesomeness, but try to be polite.  It’s rude to stare.
  • Drivers who don’t turn on their turn signals before turning.  It’s both inconsiderate and unsafe.
  • Those little plastic bags in the produce section of the grocery store.  Am I the only one who can never get those things open?
  • Ordering a chicken sandwich and a Diet Coke at the drive thru and receiving a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and regular Coke instead.  Go ahead, try to kill the diabetic with carb overload.
  • Books and movies in which the family pet dies.  There is just no excuse for that.
  • People who make comments about what I’m eating at social functions, especially those who think they know everything about diabetes, but clearly do not.  I have a medical team to give me advice about my food, thank you very much.  And even if I didn’t, it’s none of your business.
  • Children who poke different parts of my anatomy with their finger.  I’m not a marshmallow or a bowl of Jell-O.
  • No toilet paper in a public restroom.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Facebook posts that say something like, “And you’ll never believe what he did next!”  They entice you to find out what he said, but when you click on the link, there are so many ads you can’t find the answer to what he said.
  • Drivers who pick their noses while driving.  You’re not invisible, we can see you.

Those are only some of my pet peeves.  I’m sure I will have more as we get closer to Christmas.  The holidays tend to magnify whatever quirks we may have.

What are your pet peeves?

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Pickle People

A friend dropped by the church today and brought me a jar of my favorite pickles.  There was no reason for the gift.  She had just been in Amish country a couple days ago, knew how much I loved these pickles, and bought a jar for me.  I was ecstatic!  Pickles!  For ME!  Not only are these my favorite pickles EVER, I was grateful she even thought of me.

Pickles have a tendency to remind me of people.  You have your Sweet Pickles that remind me of folks like my friend, who do thoughtful things for no reason.  There’s an art to that.  And it must be a special gift God gives some of us, because not all of us have such thoughtful natures.  People who say kind things, make kind comments on our blogs, make thoughtful gestures and expect nothing in return, those are Sweet Pickles, and not everyone can be one.  Everyone likes a Sweet Pickle.

Then we’ve got Bread & Butter Pickles.  My mom made those every summer.  In fact, I thought growing up that there were only two types of pickles…Bread & Butter Pickles and Hamburger Pickles.  Because those were all I ever saw, and sometimes the Bread & Butter Pickles did double duty as Hamburger Pickles.  These type of folks are down to earth, hard working, dependable, and solid.  They become mature adults who spend their money wisely and make smart choices in life.  They are good to be around and make trustworthy friends.

I’ve known some pretty prickly cucumbers that became pickles.  You know the kind; the ones who are sensitive to every word and gesture you make and want to argue about it.  Those who get hurt feelings if you don’t say hello in just the right tone of voice, or if you don’t say hello at all.  And those people become so prickly that they become real pickles to be around.  I try to avoid those prickly ones.

Now, my favorite, the Garlic Dill Pickles.  Oh my, they do have a robust personality!  They make a statement, are artistic, often eccentric, and love experiencing life.  They might wear basic black clothes all the time, or something more eclectic and flamboyant, full of bright color and energy.  Their clothes make a statement.  Garlic Dills are never boring.  They may be a bit temperamental, moody, or overbearing at times, but they are never boring.  They are strong and fearless, full of surprises and discovery.

I know there are lots more pickles out there, so many different kinds and tastes.  That’s what makes life so much more interesting and exciting.  Because believe me, there’s nothing more boring than a plain old pickle with no taste, no style, no sense of wonder.  If I knew I had to be a plain pickle, I’d rather stay in the patch.