Spring Fever

spring-06I’m the first one to admit I don’t Winter well.  Cold weather, shorter days, snow, and ice just do not make me a cheerful person.  In fact, I get depressed during the Winter months.  The cover my head with a blanket and leave me alone kind of depressed.  But after suffering through a few months of cold, damp air and sleepless nights wondering if it was snowing out and whether I would have trouble driving to work, a lovely thing happens…March.  And with March comes Spring.

Now, don’t get me wrong, March can still deliver some bang of Winter cold and snow on occasion.  But for the most part, temperatures begin to warm up, days are longer, and the birds start singing a little louder in the morning.  The time changes, giving us longer days of light, and Spring officially arrives on the calendar.  My head comes out from under the blanket of a morning with a little optimism.  The sun seems brighter.   Maybe, just maybe, I have survived another Winter.  I can do this!

Spring is that time of year when I think of new beginnings.  I want to do something, start a new project, change something in the house, remodel, buy a new pair of shoes, or a new shade of lipstick.  There is new hope in the air!  The promise of warm evenings outside on the deck and flower pots overflowing with blooms brings my emotions out of their sad state and start coming alive again.


Some of my friends like to clean at the first sign of Spring.  That’s not my favorite thing to do, but Spring seems like the best time to do it!  Clean the house, clean out the handbags, clean out the kitchen drawers, clean out the desk drawers, and clean out the mind.


Yes, I’ve got the fever for Spring!  I’m ready to grow something.  I’m ready to plant a seed of some kind, like the seed of a thought or a project, and watch it grow.  Who knows, I may even decide to plant a tomato seed, sink my hands into rich, fertile soil and nurture it until harvest time.  It’s Spring, I can grow something now!

How does Spring affect you?  Do you get the fever?